Oster CKSTBRTW20 Bread Maker Machine Kneading Blade Paddle

$24.99 $20.49

New AFTERMARKET Replacement for DISCONTINUED Part # 145848-000-000. Scroll Down for a Complete List of Applicable Models! Bundled Offer Also Includes a Fresh Packet of Active Dry Yeast. FOR PROPRIETARY CONCERNS ITEMS RECEIVED WILL DIFFER FROM IMAGES DISPLAYED. Trackable USPS Package DISPATCHED TO ANY U.S. DESTINATION Including Home, Office, Government, Military, Place of Employment, Post Office Box or INTERNATIONAL MAIL FORWARDING SERVICE.
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doughmachine doughmaker doughmixer electric electronic equipment factory feather finger flapper flinger flipper fork form former forming free gluten hammer hook hooker hooking household housewares impeller implement ingredient key kick kicker kicking kitchen kitchenware knead kneadbar kneaderblade kneaderpaddle kneadingblade kneadingpaddle kneed kneeder kneeding kneedingblade kneedingpaddle knife limb making manufacturer masher mashing mechanism member mixer mixing mixingblade mixingpaddle


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